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Scenes from the Labelle Meet - February 12, 2011


Over 40 members and guests made the trip to Bob Mason Park on the scenic Caloosahatchee River for a day of fun in the sun!  The weather started out cold and dreary, but by late morning the clouds and damp chill were replaced with bright sunny skies and a balmy low-70's temperature-- perfect for a day on the water!

Here are the event award winners:
Best THEME Original -Pre WWII = Glen Wallen - 1930 Indian
Best Original Pre-war = Dick Curvin - 1933 Johnson 4 hp
Best Restored Pre-war = Steve Stella - 1937 Elto
                                    Bonny Ruhland - 2nd place - 1939 Johnson
Best Original Post-war classic = Frank Erion - 1955 Champion
Best restored Post was classic = Frank Metzger - 1949 Johnson TD-20 5 hp
Best Boat/Motor Combo = Jeff Gomersall - 1958 Cadillac w/ 1957 Johnson 35 Javelin
Oldest Motor = Glenn Groothouse - 1913 Evinrude
Farthest traveled = Bernie Bergen - 1,500 miles - Wisconsin
Most unusual or rare = Merrill Schmidt - 1954 Air Boy
Best of Show (trophy) Jeff Gomersall - 1958 Cadillac w/ 1957 Johnson Javelin
3 HP Race winner = Craig Gomersall
6 HP Race winner = Steve Stella

 For more images, check out Garry Spencer Labelle Photos 

Glenn Groothouse's 1913 Evinrude rowboat motor won the "Oldest Motor" ribbon.

Glenn also had this nicely restored 1947 5HP Sea King on display

Here's Glenn out for a spin on the river.
The 6-HP race gets off to a (relatively) roaring start!

 R.C. Hawie says, "Good thing I remembered the oars..."

 Round the sailboat & down the home stretch--I wonder what that guy on the sailboat thought...

"How long's this gator carcass been stinking up your boat?" - Glen Wallen's Scott-Atwater churns the soup

Erwin and Bonnie Ruhland out for a leisurely ride, powered by a beautifully restored Johnson.
Steve Wood says, "My Johnson works just fine, thank you!" Too much information, Steve!
Jeff Gomersall's latest stunner - a 1957 Johnson 35 Javelin. The gold-plated badges are a nice touch!
Steve Stella with his Penn-Yan and Merc Silent 6-- TOO silent, after he flooded it!

 Outboard propulsion, 1800's-style!

 Tery Sexton gives it a good yank, but it didn't crank until he got BOTH cylinders to fire!

Meet co-host Roger Stamer with his late-50's vintage, West Bend-powered Sea Sprite.

 "You fellas ready to race for pink slips?"

"Hey look! That gal's buck nekked!" - Terry Sexton & Ted Marston check out the sights...

Garry Spencer & Steve Wood flying down the river...Better hold on to your hat!

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