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Scenes from Lake Osborne in Lake Worth - March 12, 2010

Another great day on Lake Oz!  Lots of vintage motors, plenty of food and a gathering of members, guests and friends. While our friends and family from Up Nawth are shoveling snow and shivering in their longjohns, we're out enjoying a perfect spring day in South Florida!
Meet host Rick Boyette brought his original 1971 Cobia Monte Carlo. A frozen steering cable precluded an outing on the lake. A restored mid-90's vintage My-Te electric is in the foreground.

A close-up view of Rick's My-Te, winner of the Most Unusual Motor ribbon.

Dick Curvin (r.) with his original 1954 Mercury Mk 6 (l.) and Martin 45.
Rick Bell handles the 50/50 Raffle detail. Three For Five!
The Carroll Crew with their collection of Green-Top Mercs.


Merrill Schmidt bought this rare prototype, early-60's Mid-Jet 403 electric
Buzz Lamb emcees the Door (Pavilion?) Prize drawing.
Another great turnout on a picture-perfect day!
Funny how people start to look (or at least dress) like their dogs after awhile...
Steve Stella's Penn-Yan with a gorgeous restored Green-Top Merc (and an Elto for when the Merc refuses to start).

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